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Mateusz Siwik
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22 626 33 33

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Dr Eugeniusz Siwik
501 103 456
22 626 33 33

Before the surgery

Before the surgery, you must do a few things. Here you can read the most important recommendations before performing a vasectomy: click

Centrum Planowania Rodziny

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Ask the question

What really is vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a microsurgery procedure with the purpose of causing a periodical infertility in men. It is one of the most popular forms of contraception in USA and many other countries. It is safe, simple and highly effective (99,9%). Although men continue having sexual intercourse and orgasms as previously, their sperm does not contain spermatozoa.

Making appointments for vasectomy and re-vasectomy

The vasectomy procedure we conduct exclusively in the highest quality facilities, equipped in appropriate equipment so that the patients fell safe and comfortable. Below we present the current site list:

Under this address we establish a place and date and hour of the vasectomy procedure regardless of the City.

Centrum Planowania Rodziny
Eugeniusz Siwik
ul.Kazachska 5/U1

Mateusz Siwik:
22 626 33 33

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