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Vasectomy is a microsurgery procedure with the purpose of causing a periodical infertility in men. It is one of the most popular forms of contraception in USA and many other countries. It is safe, simple and highly effective (99,9%). Although men continue having sexual intercourse and orgasms as previously, their sperm does not contain spermatozoa.

Before the procedure one should perform the following laboratory examination: blood morphology, HBS antigen and coagulation system. The research should be performed in a laboratory in the place of residence.

Before the procedure do not forget to perform a "small hair removal" at the lower part of the penis.

To the procedure you may arrive alone or with a person that assists you and go home immediately after the procedure.

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The vasectomy procedure we conduct exclusively in the highest quality facilities, equipped in appropriate equipment so that the patients fell safe and comfortable. Below we present the current site list:

Under this address we establish a place and date and hour of the vasectomy procedure regardless of the City.

Centrum Planowania Rodziny
ul. Kazachska 5/U1
02-999 Warszawa-Wilanów

22 626 33 33

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