Before the vasectomy

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Before the vasectomy procedure: dos and don'ts

Before the procedure one should perform the following laboratory examination: blood morphology, HBS antigen and coagulation system. The research should be performed in a laboratory in the place of residence.

Before the procedure do not forget to perform a "small hair removal" at the lower part of the penis.

To the procedure you may arrive alone or with a person that assists you and go home immediately after the procedure.

See you soon.

Small remark - helping the Partner during the vasectomy procedure.

During the last 10 years of performing vasectomy, many times we have encountered the problem discussed below. The problem regards the following question:

"Doctor, can I assist you in the vasectomy procedure?" The very question is not the problem, but a positive Yes answer in partnership relations turns out to be very important. Old principles, which we are accustomed to in our procedures, tell us that if a patient is older than 16 assisting during the procedure is not recommended.

We had many such requests and we had to use different arguments. One of such cases in Gdynia was a procedure performed on a very nice Patient who was a prosecutor. His partner entered into the doctor's office and Liliana heard the following words: "You do not know who I am?". Indeed, we did not know her and the lady was also a Prosecutor. She withdrew to the office only after she heard that additional infection may occur. The whole event ended with a very friendly conversation and future friendship.

  • The partner must consent to the other partner's participation in the procedure.
  • In the procedure consent form you will find a sentence which tells you about the consent to other partner's participation.
  • Partner should seriously think such decision over.
  • During the procedure, is it possible to take pictures or make a movie? Currently NO! I will give the justification personally to the Patient.
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