After the vasectomy

After the vasectomy procedure: dos and don'ts

Please retain significant level of awareness in the Howkins scale of at least at the level of 200-540, i.e. on the level of courage, love and joy. One should carry very tight slippers, so that the "crown jewels" do not flap around in boxer shorts so that you may constantly feel comfortable. After arriving home, one should take a shower, take off the dressing placed during the procedure, do not place any dressing. These are basically all medical efforts. Naturally, one should accept the invitation from the partner if she proposes theater, cinema or a special dinner with Champagne.

Yes, it is possible. Sometimes, we give the prescription for painkillers but they are very rarely purchased. Most frequently, the home first aid kit includes some painkillers.
Directly after the procedure one may drive a car, there are no contraindications. From the next day on, we do not recommend any special sparing lifestyle. Naturally, heavy effort at work or sport training (e.g. long term bicycle riding, tennis) is not recommended for these several days. Until now we did not apply any sick leave, there was not need for that. After 24 hours, we contact each other and talk about the first 24 hours after the vasectomy.
We recommend a delicate celibacy for the first week, but patients behave according to their own preferences. After seven days we do not interfere with the physical and sexual activity. For the period of 2 cycles we recommend contraception as before the procedure. Our noted record is 25 ejaculations during five days from the performed vasectomy. Absolute record.
We request the performance of such an examination 8 and 12 weeks after the procedure. Small plastic container is handed over to the Patient after the procedure. It's best to goggle the term "laboratory semen examination" and make a call with a question if the examination is certainly performed in this particular laboratory. Most frequently, the laboratory is informed about the fact that we want to conduct a simple examination to determine the presence of spermatozoa in the semen. Some patients inform us that this is their status after the vasectomy and then the laboratory performs the simplified examination and not the one that is usually performed in the case of infertility. This year we placed a map with addresses of laboratories which perform examination of semen morphology on the territory of the entire country. Examination is performed in order to examine the effectiveness of this method of contraception.
1. Place where the skin sloughing is performed should be kept clean and dry for 24 hours. After arriving home take off the dressing, take a shower (its best to use grey soap), dry the surface of the skins with a towel, put on tighter underwear and then invite your Partner for a glass of Champaign. Just relax. On the second day come back home to regular household activities. There are no objections to going back to work.
2. After 24 hours, please call the operating doctor to inform him about your wellbeing 24 hours after the procedure: including sleeping, pain or if it was necessary to take a painkiller or if the light swelling is visible etc.
3. For the first 7 days carry comfortably suited underwear, with the purpose of increasing the comfort of everyday activities. If you see the presence of colored substance in the skin sloughing area, this surface could be delicately washed with oxidized water and cleaned delicately with gauze.
4. Dressing or ointments should not be used. If you want to use ice on the day of the procedure place in on the underwear on the line of the scrotum, maximally once up to 30 minutes.
5. It is necessary to avoid significant effort for seven days after the procedure (we are allowed to behave as if we were a "King on a throne"). Intensive bending forward and backward, lifting heavy objects may cause intensification of pain or discrete staining.
6. For seven days do not practice contact sports, skiing, golf, tennis or other forms of physical activity which may cause light bleeding inside the scrotum. Remember "prevention is the best medicine". After 7 days, you will forget about vasectomy.
7. It is necessary to avoid excessive sexual stimulation for seven days. After that time, it is possible to return to sexual activity but please remember about applying another method of contraception until obtaining a negative result of the test for presence of spermatozoa in the sperm. In the time of the first several weeks, the sperm may have a slightly brownish color, this is the physiology after the performed procedure.
8. Slight discomfort may occur for several first days after the procedure. It is also possible to apply chestnut balm or Altacet in the place of the swelling - delicately massage the place. If necessary, it is possible to take a Pyralgina pill. Painkillers are recommended if the pain is persisting: Biseptol, Bactrim, Naproxen, Butapirazol. If the pain is strong you need stronger painkillers, it is necessary to call the outpatient clinic (see below) or visit the Family Doctor.
9. Cyanosis in the scrotum area and at the root of the penis may occur at the second or third day. This is a harmless symptom and after 7 days there will be no traces of it.
10. If you detected a painful lump when touching (e.g. the size of a golf ball, walnut) in the scrotum after first two days after the procedure, it may be a hematoma (accumulation of blood). If such a complication does occur please contact the operating doctor.
11. If you have any questions or doubts as to how to aid the healing process, if you feel excessive pain or swelling or red mark or a purulent secretion around the scar and the body temperature above 38 Centigrade and fever, it is necessary to call the clinic in order to obtain advice.
12. Remember you have to conduct a test for the presence of spermatozoa in the sperm in the eighth week after the procedure and in the 12th week if there are any doubts as to the result after 8 weeks. The list of laboratories performing such tests you can find on the internet website: under the map. Such examination may be preformed also in another laboratory, which is not on our list.
13. Sperm examination may be repeated in the future, in order to satisfy own curiosity.
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