Vasectomy in Poland

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Vasectomy is a microsurgery procedure with the purpose of causing a periodical infertility in men. It is one of the most popular forms of contraception in USA and many other countries. It is safe, simple and highly effective (99,9%). Although men continue having sexual intercourse and orgasms as previously, their sperm does not contain spermatozoa.


The no-scalpel technique - No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NVS) - is one of the two main surgical methods of performing vasectomy. Most doctors support NVS. The use of scalpel as well as the cut itself is not required, only skin sloughing without stitching up. Additionally, while applying this technique, smaller discomfort is observed with reduced risk of bleeding or infection. The scar is almost invisible. Since July 30 this year, after eight years of clinical experiences we apply the method called 'Total Vasectomy' (TV). What does this mean? In TV: on a given vas deferens we put double non-dissolvable stitches, cut out several millimeters of the vas deferens and micro-coagulation of the vas deferens outlets.

- The most comfortable, modern and available form of contraception.
- Freedom from fear of unwanted pregnancy.
- Better sexual life
- Positive influence on the marriage
- Improvement of women's health
- Men after vasectomy live longer
- Improvement of partnership relations by 78%
- The procedure is conducted without anesthetizing, painless, non-scalpel
- Awareness of taking responsibility for contraception in the relationship

The vasectomy procedure we conduct exclusively in the highest quality facilities, equipped in appropriate equipment so that the patients fell safe and comfortable. Below we present the current site list:

Under this address we establish a place and date and hour of the vasectomy procedure regardless of the City.

Centrum Planowania Rodziny
ul. Kazachska 5/U1
02-999 Warszawa-Wilanów

22 626 33 33

The very NVS procedure lasts 7-10 minutes. Depending on the anatomy of the vas deferens the procedure may last as long as 25 minutes. Patient is in the room for about 30 minutes, and this is related to the preparation, reading and signing of documentation, conversation before and after the procedure. After the vasectomy it is advisable to be careful and lead a sparing life style for about 7 days since the patient may feel slight pain and delicate 'pulling'.

Vasectomy in comparison to other contraception methods is the most efficient contraception method. Couples which choose highly effective and permanent form of contraception frequently pick vasectomy, the efficiency of which exceeds 99,9%.

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