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MALE STERILISATION AND ITS EFFECTS Clinical Studies in Men and Histological Studies in Sterilized Experimental Animals (1952-1954). Thesis Submitted to Agra University India - Dr. P.S. Jhaver M.B. B.S.

THE HISTORY OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICALWORK ON VASECTOMY Journal of International College Of Surgeons Editorial Vol.30 No.4 April 1960. Submitted for publication April 10, 1959. P.S.JHAVER, M.S., F.I.C.S.* & B.B. OHRI, M.S. F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S** INDIA


SINGLE INCISION SINGLE STITCH TECHNIQUE FOR VASECTOMY The Indian Journal of Surgery Vol. XX Dec. 1968 No: Page 480-484

SURGERY OF THE EPIDIDYMIS & VAS Journal of The Indian Medical Association Vol.44, No 11, June 1 1965, P. 591-594. Paper Read at the SILVER JUBILEE SESSION of Association of Surgeons of India Bombay 27th December, 1964

VASECTOMY AFTER EFFECTS, MODERN TECHNIQUES, COMPLICATIONS, REPAIR Indian Journal of Medical Science. Vol. 27, No 5, May 1973 pp 411-416. Received for publication, August 4, 1972. Dr.P.S.JHAVER M.S., F.I.C.S.

VASECTOMY DIFFICULTIES AND COMPLICATIONS Journal of Indian Medical Association, March 1959. Vol. 32 No. 5

STERILISATION IN THE MALE FOR SPACING OF CHILD BIRTH Journal of the Indian Medical Association, Vol 34, No: 12, June 16, 1960 P.491-492

THE UNSOLVED PROBLEM OF POPULATION Journal of Indian Medical Association vol.38, no.4, 16th Feb. 1962.


Other published articles

SURGERY AND FAMILY PLANNING Article published in the Times Of India, 25 Sept 1960

Until 20 years ago, surgeons who performed vasectomy used to be called "Rejuvenators". Article published in The times of India - Sunday May 10, 1970 MALE SEXUALITY AND STERILITY Article published in The times of India - Sunday Weekly. 16th January 1972

AGEING GRACEFULLY Article published in The times of India - Sunday Weekly. 21st January 1973

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